Dear sir [Peter Forsyth, roads asset manager at East Lothian Council], I understand it is proposed to provide a substantial number of car parking places on part of the west putting green, North Berwick.

This proposal seems extremely insensitive in that it will create an eyesore as visitors approach the town and greatly reduce the amenity of Elcho Green.

In a world-renowned golfing resort, it does seem unbelievable that what is a well-used facility (the putting green) should be sacrificed for parking cars.

A much more positive proposal would be to ensure that the putting green is kept up to a very high standard as it was at one time.

I think that the improved quality of both [town] putting greens should be a priority in promoting both the health of visitors and residents and making the town more attractive as a holiday destination.

It might be worth approaching North Berwick Golf Club to see if some mutually satisfactory means could be found to make improvements in the greens as outlined.

The putting greens at St Andrews, for instance, are kept to a very high standard and very well used by those visiting who want something of a golfing experience.

I think that some alternative site must be sought if further parking is really necessary. Of all sites in the town, Elcho Green must be, in any reasonable evaluation, one of, if not the most, unsuitable.

I urge you to reconsider and to seek a more sensitive and satisfactory solution for the long-term benefit of all those who enjoy this very unique and beautiful town and world-renowned golfing resort.

Robert B White

North Berwick