THE actions of youngsters drinking and jumping into the cold waters of Dunbar Harbour have been labelled “incredibly dangerous”.

Police have received reports of underage drinking and anti-social behaviour in a number of locations throughout the town.

In a report to the town’s community council, Constable Gavin Ross said reports of incidents at The Battery at the harbour had been passed to police.

That came at the same time as incidents at the shelter in the grounds of Dunbar Primary School’s John Muir Campus, off Belhaven Road, and at Dunbar Golf Club, with youngsters returning from nearby Deer Park, were also highlighted to officers.

The Dunbar and East Linton community officer said the youngsters were not meeting in “large groups” but instead meeting at half a dozen different locations.

He said: “We are getting very few reports of it but those we are getting are later in the evening and clearly when they are drunk and returning from rural locations – whether that is Deer Park and coming back through the golf course or Bullet Hill.”

The officer’s report, which was circulated to community councillors ahead of their meeting on Monday evening, noted incidents at The Battery on June 15, 26 and 27.

Further incidents were noted at the primary school campus on June 17 and 27, and Dunbar Golf Club on June 17 and 23.

The latest incident last Friday came at the harbour, with reports of youngsters drinking and jumping into the harbour.

Constable Ross described the activity as “incredibly dangerous”.

Community councillors were asked to raise any issues with colleague Loretta Stewart, who would liaise with the police.