A DOUBLE-DECKER bus could soon be parked and turned into a cafe at a car park off the John Muir Way.

The proposals have been given the go-ahead by East Lothian Council, with the bus to be sited at the eastern end of Prestonpans, off the B1348.

Matsform Ltd, the company behind the plans, told the local authority that the vehicle could be in a colour “sympathetically chosen to complement the coastal character” of the site.

According to the planning officer’s report: “The applicant has submitted a supporting statement that details how the proposed cafe would operate.

“It advises that the proposed cafe would operate within the double-decker bus which is proposed to be sited within the John Muir Way car park for locals and visitors to enjoy.

“It is indicated that the ground floor of the bus would contain a kitchen and one accessible table, with the upper floor of the bus used as a seating area with some 10 tables and four additional seats.

“The agent indicates that the cafe would operate seasonally from 7am to 7pm Tuesday through Sunday from April to September, and from 7am to 1pm Wednesday through Sunday from October to March.

“The bus will be positioned on the site at all times and would not be removed when not open for business.”

The proposals did not attract any comment from the town’s community council.

One objection from the public focused on the potential of litter and waste from the proposed cafe.

However, it was highlighted that matters relating to waste were not “material considerations” when it came to determining a planning application and would be tackled through other legislation.

Planning permission has been given for one year to allow the council to “assess the environmental impact” of the development, while a planning condition stating that bins should be provided outside the bus at all times while trading has also been included.