WORK on a long-standing project to try to restore Dunbar’s East Beach has restarted.

The coronavirus pandemic halted planned improvement works at the beach; the works aimed to help bring sand back while also protecting nearby Lamer Street.

Now, as lockdown restrictions are eased, East Lothian Council has confirmed work is once again under way.

A spokeswoman for the local authority told the Courier: “The site reopened last week with required Covid measures put in place.

“Works are now progressing with protection works to the Lamer Street seawall.”

For a number of years, the beach was a popular tourist attraction due to its golden sands.

However, the disappearance of the sand due to coastal erosion coincided with a drop in visitor numbers.

Discussions on what could be done to tackle the problem have been ongoing for a number of years. A solution was agreed earlier this year, with hopes that the project would be completed by the summer.

The global pandemic has delayed the plans, with no confirmed completion date now in place.

The first phase of works will see the construction of a breakwater at the southern end of the beach, with the existing groyne refurbished.

Rock armour will also be put in place at the toe of the seawall.

Previously, consideration was given to importing sand from elsewhere but the idea was dismissed due to the cost and the potential for the sand to simply be washed away.

Last year, Councillor Norman Hampshire, who represents the town on East Lothian Council, stressed the importance of the beach to the town.

He said: “Anybody that visits the town centre wants to go to the seaside.

“You are on High Street and the harbour is really attractive and you come along to the East Beach and something that does not look attractive at all.

“Any successful seaside town needs a sandy beach in the town centre.”