SERVICES of worship are now just a phone call away for a historic church’s congregation.

Since lockdown began, St Mary’s Parish Church in Haddington, like many other churches in East Lothian, has been uploading a weekly Sunday act of worship to YouTube.

However, the church has now taken a further step in a bid to reach its congregation.

The Rev Alison McDonald, minister at the church, said: “Obviously, we have not been able to gather to worship in our church building but one of the messages we have been giving is that the building is closed but the church is open.

“The life of the church goes on and we have found other ways to get together for worship.

“There are online services and a lot of churches are doing the same. We have been very concerned for those who are not online.”

The first Sunday worship with the option of listening in by phone took place on June 21.

Anyone phoning the number will hear a welcome message from the minister before the recording begins.

It is possible to listen to the service at any point during the week and the caller pays the cost of a phone call to a local number.

To hear the service, call 01620 424426.

Meanwhile, the church has also opened for private prayer on Sundays and Wednesdays.

The church is open from 2pm to 4pm on a Sunday and 5pm to 7pm on a Wednesday, with strict physical distancing and hygiene rules in place.

A one-way system has also been introduced, with people entering by the north door and exiting by the west door.

People are also asked to wear a face covering.