Measures to ease lockdown are now well under way and I hope that my constituents are enjoying their new freedoms as we adapt into the ‘new normal’.

The five-mile travel limit has now been lifted, outdoor hospitality is permitted and we are already seeing establishments such as zoos and outdoor attractions reopening.

From Friday, you are allowed to meet in extended groups outdoors, and you can meet indoors with two other households.

From Wednesday (July 15), restaurants, hairdressers, museums, cinemas and libraries can reopen.

Though all of these new regulations are very exciting and are most welcome after months of making sacrifices to stop the spread of Covid-19, it is important to remember that we are not completely clear of the threat of the virus yet, and that we must still take precautions.

This involves ensuring we continue to stick to physical distancing measures, staying two metres apart from others. It is also now compulsory to wear a face covering (a mask, or a scarf) on public transport, and this will also be compulsory in shops from July 10.

Please keep informed on the Scottish Government advice at to make sure that you are staying safe and protecting others.

From recent correspondence with East Lothian Council, I am aware that there has been a significant increase in people walking and cycling recently, which is to be welcomed.

I know that this has contributed to lower emissions in the constituency and that on some occasions pollution levels in the centre of Musselburgh have fallen to zero. This has brought its own challenges, in particular in the promenade area of Fisherrow Harbour, so I would like to encourage people to be mindful and considerate when using shared pathways.

I am sure that the constituency will also benefit from the fact that the local authority has been given £1.4million of Scottish Government funding to help support social distancing from the Spaces for People Fund.