PUPILS returning to Belhaven Hill School after the summer holiday will be welcomed by a new headmaster.

Olly Langton will follow in the footsteps of Henry Knight, the school’s current headmaster, when the new terms gets under way in September.

The new headmaster will be joined by his wife Rosie, together with a new leadership team.

Mr Langton, who moves from Radley College in Oxfordshire, said: “We will cherish the characteristics which make Belhaven Scotland’s leading boarding and day prep school, while developing the school in line with a fast changing world.

“Rosie and I look forward very much to leading Belhaven towards its centenary and on to the next phase of its distinguished history.

“Children thrive in different environments – some in the classroom, some on the games field, some in the drama, music or art departments: others will thrive in an outdoor setting, especially if that is linked with active problem-solving.

“This multi-dimensional approach offers a breadth of opportunities and is one that I feel will appeal to the whole Belhaven community and beyond.”

The University of Edinburgh graduate will be joined by two new deputy heads at the school.

John Marriott, currently director of studies, will become deputy head (academic), and Katie Gale, head of maths, will be deputy head (pastoral).

Mrs Gale, who has been teaching at Belhaven Hill since 2001, said: “With the arrival of a new headmaster and the launch of our new computer science programme, there are exciting times ahead for the school.

“In my new role I am looking forward to helping Belhaven move into a new phase as well as ensuring that the school’s much-loved values and traditions continue.”

Other new appointments include Anna McGrath as the girls’ housemistress, while Will Pook will take on the role of head of computing.

Mr Langton added: “The structure of the day at Belhaven is one that caters for the needs of both day and boarding pupils, and encourages the formation of relationships that last for a lifetime.”