TEAMS of volunteers are in place across East Lothian doing everything they can to help vulnerable members of their communities.

From collecting shopping and vital prescriptions to dog walking and simply being there for people, the volunteers are there for residents throughout the coronavirus crisis.

Here, we look at four of the groups who are giving up their own time to help out.

East Lothian Courier: Aberlady. Picture: Google MapsAberlady. Picture: Google Maps


THE demands on volunteers in Aberlady are diminishing as lockdown restrictions are eased.

A squad of volunteers has been available to people throughout the village offering services, including collecting shopping and prescriptions.

Ian Malcolm, from the community resilience team, said that demand was reducing as families were helping vulnerable relatives while restrictions continued to be eased.

The group is still taking donations for East Lothian Foodbank, although there is no demand within the village itself for a foodbank.

Contact details

Anyone needing help should contact Ian on 07557 236232 or Sam Robertson on 07920 779750.

Further information is available by searching for Aberlady Resilience on Facebook.

East Lothian Courier: Cockenzie and Port Seton. Picture: Google MapsCockenzie and Port Seton. Picture: Google Maps

Cockenzie and Port Seton

THE resilience group in Cockenzie and Port Seton has been paying tribute to its volunteers and thanking them for their efforts.

The local effort is being led by Cockenzie and Port Seton Community Council.

This week it thanked two volunteers in particular – Imogen Woods and Scott Craig. Before the Covid-19 pandemic started, 16-year-old Imogen was at school and playing rugby and hockey.

She said: “I wanted to help the people in my community instead of staying home and doing nothing.

“I’ve made many friends and glad I’ve helped people in need. Once this is all over I’ll return to school for my final year.”

Scott was working as a plumber before he was furloughed on March 23, the day lockdown was first announced.

He said: “I wanted to do what was needed to help the less fortunate so that’s why I went to the centre to register my name and ask if there was anything I could do.

“I absolutely love doing it as I have got to know everyone on my round now and hopefully I cheer them up when I bring their lunch.”

Meanwhile, also continuing is the meals service from the Port Seton Centre, which has received donations from members of the public, Lidl customers and Saltire Hospitality at Cockenzie House.

A food pantry is also available at the Port Seton Centre, 1-4pm Monday-Friday, with delivery available by calling 01875 818181.

Contact details

Those who need assistance or help of any kind can call 07783 643105.

East Lothian Courier: Gullane. Picture: Google MapsGullane. Picture: Google Maps


DEMAND for assistance from community volunteers in Gullane has fallen “dramatically” over the last week.

The Gullane Resilience Group has continued with shopping and prescription collection, as well as the village hall hub.

However, volunteers have noted a drop in demand, with the village hall hub set to shut its doors on Wednesday.

A spokesman for the resilience group said: “We are closing our village hall hub activities on Wednesday, with all stocks of DVDs, CDs, toys and books to be given away to local charities.

“We plan to be open on Tuesday and Wednesday between noon and 2pm.

“Regrettably, we cannot accept donations of any kind but we wish to thank everyone who has used the facility, those who have kindly donated goods and the volunteers who have given much of their time to this worthwhile cause.

"For the time being we are continuing our other activities."

Contact details

Anyone in need of help should contact the team on 07312 117993 or email

East Lothian Courier: Prestonpans. Picture: Google MapsPrestonpans. Picture: Google Maps


THE resilience team in Prestonpans has continued to support people in the community, while many of its volunteers have had to stand down or reduce their commitments due to returning to work.

Brian Weddell, chairperson of Prestonpans Community Council, said the team was still operating in the town and helping “the many people shielding”.

He urged people to stick to Government guidance to avoid a spike in the virus, as more areas of life return to normal in the days ahead.

He said: “There have been a lot of positive announcements in the past 10 days by both the UK and Scottish Governments in relation to the economy opening up, with the number of virus cases and deaths falling significantly in Scotland.

“This week, non-food retail shops opened and dates have been set in the next couple of weeks for restaurants, coffee shops and pubs to open.

“Despite all this positivity, the politicians, scientists and health experts are warning us to continue to take precautions by washing our hands regularly, social distancing when out and about, using sanitising gel and wearing face masks when travelling on public transport.

“We only need to look at what is happening in many of the states in the US, where Covid cases have been on the increase, to see what happens if we don’t heed the warnings.”

Mr Weddell said the Pennypit Pantry continued to provide tremendous support, with almost 400 meals delivered in Prestonpans last week.

Lorna Bellany, community nutritionist at the Pennypit Trust, said she had received countless messages of thanks.

She said: “We’ve had people saying it’s been a ‘lifeline’, that they don’t know what they would have done without the provision and people just stressing how much they needed the service.

“The majority of the feedback emphasises that they felt cared for – this took me back a little bit as people were low, lonely and at their wits’ end but with our support they’ve felt like someone cared.”

For help with meals or essential groceries, contact the Pantry on 01875 815221 or email

East Lothian Sunday Fresh Chicken Dinner Boxes have also being going from strength to strength and last weekend 137 dinners were delivered across East Lothian.

To order a Sunday dinner, contact the group through its Facebook page or telephone 07752 284249.

Contact details

Anyone who needs help can contact the team by telephoning 07517 715085 or emailing