WE NOW see many reassuring statistics reported in Scotland in relation to coronavirus, where the death rates have fallen to nil and the new confirmed cases are in single figures.

Now that we have lessened the risk to health from Covid-19 for the time being, it is time to start focusing on supporting the recovery of the economy.

We have to consider the implications there will be for employees following the end of the furlough scheme, and ensure that both individuals and employers have the necessary support at this time.

I want to ensure that all businesses receive the help that they are entitled to and have the best possible opportunity to overcome this period of crisis.

I’m always happy to hear from local business owners, whether that be to get an update on the work they are doing or to discuss what I can do to ensure they are being supported.

I would encourage local business owners to get in touch to discuss any difficulties or concerns that they might have in this unpredictable period.

I can’t promise miracles but I will certainly do all that I can to help.

It is great to see that retail premises will begin to re-open and I know that this will be hugely beneficial to many small and local businesses across the constituency.

Whilst we all enjoy having access to some of our local shops again, I would like to remind everyone to do this in a responsible way by maintaining social distancing, wearing a face covering and following the hygiene advice in place.

I encourage you all to make use of the many local shops and businesses that we are lucky enough to have in East Lothian and to do so in a responsible manner that respects any rules shop owners may have put in place to keep us all safe.

I would also like to welcome the return of horse racing behind closed doors, as Musselburgh Racecourse begins its flat season this week.

I have been in regular contact with those from the racecourse throughout the Covid-19 crisis and I am pleased that they will begin to recover from this unprecedented period of closure.