A STUNNING floral display thanking key workers has been created in Dunbar.

East Lothian Council’s Dunbar amenity service team planted the colourful display outside the town’s fashion school on Belhaven Road.

The design was created by James Scott (head operative Dunbar area), assisted by Kenny Aitken, Jamie Smith and trainee Dan Sked.

Councillor Norman Hampshire, who represents the town and is the local authority’s spokesman for the environment, told the Courier he was impressed by the work of those involved.

He said: “It is certainly impressive.

“It just shows you the quality of the workmanship we have within our grounds services department, not only in Dunbar but across East Lothian.

“The budget they have to work with is very limited but they do a fantastic job.

“All the plants are grown by our own staff and planted out across the communities across East Lothian.”

Mr Hampshire described the planting as “a beautiful display and an asset to the town”.

The display uses echeveria elegans for the writing and the main heart contains echeveria Duchess of Nuremberg, pyrethrum, sedum pachyclados, senecio serpens, lobelia and petunia.

The surrounding hearts are a mixture of echeverias, sedum, senecio, saxifrage, alyssum, petunia, begonia, lobelia and pyrethrum.