I was delighted to see your online article highlighting the re-opening of the main council coastal car parks, as we have very much missed going for walks to Yellowcraig and Tyninghame with our dog during lockdown.

Tyninghame is often very busy at weekends and in the holidays, with cars parked outwith the paid parking spaces on the road, not to avoid paying but because the car park is full – we have often had to do this ourselves.

So we were very disappointed on returning this evening to see that, while the car park has been closed due to lockdown, the council has painted double yellow lines for 0.7 miles from the edge of the car park along the entry road.

This means that, unless you want to add 1.4 miles to your walk, only 45 families or groups can access the woods and links at any one time.

Given that it is a vast site, with woods and one of the biggest beaches in East Lothian, this seems a very strange decision.

I’m sure we won’t be the only people who think this is an unreasonable action to take.

Surely they could just have extended the payment zone?

Or is this a calculated decision to raise revenue from parking tickets issued to those who risk parking on the lines if the car park is full, rather than walk 1.4 miles?

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