PUPILS, teachers and parents are all being encouraged to clap at their doorsteps at noon tomorrow (Friday) to celebrate the end of the school term.

Pupils across the county are due to complete their last day of term tomorrow before starting their summer holidays.

The event, in East Lothian, is believed to have been started by Dunbar Primary School.

Similar to the 8pm Clap for Carers, this aims to instead thank and pay tribute to all of the school pupils, teachers, staff and their families for the hard work they have put in over the past few months, during what has been a unique and challenging time.

In a post on Twitter, Dunbar Primary School said: “Alongside the wonderful video being produced by the Dunbar music school, wouldn’t it be wonderful for the whole town to come together to applaud the children, teachers and families that have worked so hard over the last weeks and months.

“While we can’t come together as usual at both campuses to clap out those moving up and moving on – it’s always such an emotional and uplifting event – we can do something as a whole community to mark the end of a very unusual and challenging term.

“Very much like the Clap for Carers, how about at 12 noon this Friday (June 26) everyone claps on their doorsteps.

“The school have supported this idea and the staff will be coming out to clap in the playground at the same time.

“They’ll be sharing on Twitter and very much hoping that we as parents and members of this wonderful community can spread the word in time for Friday.

“Children are also invited to wear their school uniform to mark the final day of term.

“Please get involved, this will be a fantastic way to celebrate everyone’s achievements.”

The event, which has been called ‘Clap for the School Community’, has attracted the attention of other schools across the county.

Campie Primary School in Musselburgh have also promoted the event and asked that people not only clap but bang pots and pans.

A school spokesperson said: “We've all worked hard during these challenging and unusual times.

“We don’t know what learning will look like in August but this is a wonderful chance to celebrate our Campie Community.

“Give a special cheer for our P7s too!”

Preston Tower Primary School has invited the local community to clap for its primary seven pupils at 12.30pm tomorrow.

West Barns Primary School, Dunbar Nursery, Dunbar Grammar School and Musselburgh ward Councillor Stuart Currie are among those who have also promoted the event.