SEVEN people have been arrested following a disturbance at a property in Haddington town centre.

Police were called out to the town’s High Street at about 10.30pm on Friday and a police car was damaged.

A spokesman for Police Scotland told the Courier: “The occupants within initially refused to engage with officers and items were thrown towards them from a window resulting in damage to a police car.

“The incident was brought to a conclusion and seven persons within were arrested and charged with various disorder offences.”

Councillor Craig Hoy, who lives in Haddington and represents the town on East Lothian Council, said it was "not a picture of our towns that anyone would want to see".

He added: "Sadly, the actions of a mindless minority of people continues to negatively impact the lives of others in areas such as Haddington, and in many towns across Scotland."

Mr Hoy told the Courier he had been working closely with police and the local authority's anti-social behaviour and housing teams to target known problems.

He said: "As we emerge from lockdown, East Lothian Council, the Scottish Government and the Police must redouble their efforts to tackle problems such as anti-social behaviour, street thuggery and the mounting problem of drug dealing, abuse and addiction.

"Make no mistake this is criminal behaviour and it is completely unacceptable in East Lothian.

"We must urgently develop a renewed multi-agency approach, sending out a clear signal that incidents such as those seen this weekend will not be tolerated.

"It’s time to get tough, and crack down, before serious problems spiral out of control in our town centres.”