THE yachts were craned into Fisherrow harbour on June 4, after a delay due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

With boating, subject to certain conditions, permitted under phase one of the Scottish Government’s easing of lockdown, the lift, initially planned for April, could take place.

Stuart Rillie, chairman of the Fisherrow Berth Holders Association, advised boat owners they could have their vessels craned into the harbour or leave them ashore for the season.

The majority vote in favour of getting back into the water on June 5 was decisive but this was brought forward a day due to the high wind forecast.

Consultation took place with the appropriate authorities, which had to be satisfied that all necessary requirements for health and safety, social distancing and the work party wearing personal protective equipment were in place before permission for the lift-in was granted.

The craning in of 26 yachts took place in perfect conditions, with an early start at 5am.

The last boat lifted in was Sláinte, at around 11am.

The incoming tide quickly had the boats floating and back on their moorings by early afternoon.

Mr Rillie was thanked with the gift of a bottle of whisky for his efforts under difficult circumstances.