PIKACHU, Lego blocks and cartons of orange juice have helped three siblings to get creative.

Matthew, William and James Amy spread out a variety of items in the garden of their Prestonpans home to put together a rainbow.

Teachers at Preston Tower Primary School were impressed by the youngsters’ work, which also caught the eye of neighbours and family and friends.

Proud dad Craig said: “The school were having a feel good week, which was aimed at doing things a little bit more fun and getting the kids not to worry about schoolwork for a week.

“One of the suggestions was to make a collage of things from home.

“Obviously, the boys have been seeing lots of rainbows drawn on the pavement all the time with chalk.

“It was a combination of that and making a collage with things from the house [that led to the idea]."

A quick planning exercise in the house took place, with the family creating a rainbow.

Clothing, including an orange cardigan from mum Alison, cuddly toys, supermarket groceries and football strips were all used to create the rainbow.

Craig said finding enough orange items proved tricky but the impressive display was complete and taken outdoors.

He said: “Friends and family have all been really impressed and showing it round to their friends and family.

“The school was really nice to the boys about it and Matthew’s teacher suggested contacting yourselves.

“They were really impressed with it and used it on the school’s Twitter account.”

Twelve-year-old Matthew, who is in P7, eight-year-old William, who is in P4 and six-year-old James, who is in P2, have, like many youngsters throughout East Lothian, been learning at home during the coronavirus crisis.

Craig, who works as an architect, was quick to praise the efforts of school staff.

He told the Courier: “Like every parent during these times, we have struggled with home schooling but the teachers at the school have just been terrific, they have been amazingly supportive.

“They seem to be going that extra length to be there and help the boys and it has made it a lot easier from our point of view.”