A CHARITY co-founded by a Dunbar midwife has been named as one of only 500 winners nationwide to receive £1,000 from Ecclesiastical’s Movement for Good award.

More than 13,600 charities were nominated by more than 250,000 members of the public for the award, with SiMBA successful.

Sara Fitzsimmons was one of the founders of the charity, which was previously based in Dunbar before moving to Midlothian.

Now its chief executive officer, Dunbar mum Sara practised as a midwife in Edinburgh for 22 years

Marie Clare Tulley, chair of the board of trustees, said: “Thank you to everyone who nominated SiMBA and to Ecclesiastical for their kindness.

“This will enable us to support 100 families and honour their babies.”

The £1,000 award will allow SiMBA to donate their smallest memory box to 100 families who experience an early pregnancy loss.

SiMBA currently supplies three sizes of memory boxes each for a specific gestational loss, the smallest memory box specifically designed to honour a baby under 14 weeks.

For more information, go to www.simbacharity.org.uk