YOUNGSTERS have been brightening people’s days by stringing up messages of support for their lockdown superheroes along school railings.

Pupils from Haddington Primary School came up with messages for the people they see as heroes.

From NHS workers to emergency services and members of their own family, they paid tribute to the people who are working through lockdown, including their own teachers.

Dozens of messages submitted by pupils were made into laminated signs and strung up on the railings of Haddington Primary School’s upper building at the weekend by deputy headteacher Sally Murray and her team.

It followed another colourful string of messages which was added to the school’s infant campus railings last month from younger pupils describing what they were enjoying doing during lockdown.

The original messages were torn down by vandals within hours of going up but parents rallied together to collect them all  and return them to the rails where they have remained without further incident.

And Mrs Murray said they inspired the older children to put their own messages up thanking their heroes.

She said: “The original idea was to create something that would bring our school together and provide some cheer to our children and also the wider community.

“The infant campus children were asked to create ‘positivity post-its’ and send them to us with something they had learned to do or something else positive they had taken from this time. We received so many lovely messages and arranged them to be displayed on the outside of the school so they could be seen by the families on their daily walks and other passers-by.

“I’ve received so many positive calls and emails from families and members of the community commenting on how much they’ve enjoyed seeing the notes. Children have enjoyed seeing their own comments but also the notes from their friends. It’s been a great way to keep classes connected.

“Our upper campus was asked to create post-its for ‘Haddington Heroes’ – either people they know or our keyworkers – to display around the Neilson Park Road building.

“They’ve really risen to the challenge and we’re sure that their work will be enjoyed as much as our infant campus’ messages have been.”