By Colin Beattie

I KNOW that many, like me, will have been shocked by the scenes of George Floyd’s death at the hands of the police in the USA.

This is a part of an ongoing problem with racism in the US and systemic police brutality, and this is an issue which urgently needs to be addressed.

I believe the Black Lives Matter movement is important and would like to support those who are speaking out to make the world a better place, free from racism.

At this time of injustice, I know that many here in Scotland also want to take a stand, and I have received a huge amount of correspondence on this issue – discussions which I am happy to engage with.

I would encourage those acting to address this matter to find other means than protesting, for the simple reason that our progress with tackling Covid-19 remains fragile and mass gatherings could jeopardise this.

However, I stand by those looking to have their voices heard and encourage you all to find creative ways to do this and to be vocal about this cause.

There have been many scams reported during the coronavirus period.

I would like to provide a reminder at this time to be extra cautious of scams and fraudsters. Don’t click links and attachments from sources you don’t know and trust and, if you think something is suspicious, seek advice.

Beware of doorstep scammers offering to sell you things. In particular, you should be suspicious of any Covid-19-related sales such as test kits or masks.

Be aware of fake callers and scrutinise those contacting you. Do not give out bank details or personal information over the phone.

If you are feeling anxious about an incident, you can report matters to the police or seek advice using 101.

Last week was Carers Week and I would like to express my thanks to all those who care for others and for the immense contributions they make to our society.