TWO men were arrested for reckless conduct after they had to be rescued from a boat off Cockenzie Harbour.

Police said the men, aged 48 and 38, were "intoxicated" and had no life jackets or safety equipment onboard the small vessel.

They added that when the rescue team reached the stranded boat the men "took a dislike to the police and lifeboat crew who were trying to help them."

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Two men, aged 48 and 38, have been charged in connection with culpable and reckless conduct after needing rescued from Cockenzie Harbour on Wednesday.

"A report will be submitted to the Procurator Fiscal.”

A spokesperson for the RNLI appealed to people to make sure they were prepared for any emergency when going out on boats.

They said: "Prior to going to sea please ensure your vessel has been serviced, that you are wearing lifejackets and have means of contacting help if required."