YOUNGSTERS at Pencaitland Primary School have been hunting for an array of items . . . all without leaving their homes!

Primary 7 pupils organised and led a whole school virtual scavenger hunt for pupils and families.

The P7 pupils organised a video conference call for each class in the school.

The school’s senior pupils then worked in teams to host the challenges in the different video calls.

A spokeswoman for the primary school said: “P7 read out riddles and clues to the younger children and families, who then had to go and collect certain items around their house.

“The pupils who were fastest to collect the items in each round and return to their camera screen were allocated points.

“Points were also allocated for ‘unusual’ items.

“For example, one of the clues was ‘bring me something that is linked with the sea or ocean’, and one pupil showed up with an entire fish tank!”