A FORMER Dunbar Grammar School pupil who found herself stranded in Australia due to the coronavirus has made it home.

Lucy Hall made the trip of a lifetime Down Under with a view to working with animals.

However, the global pandemic saw the 25-year-old left without a job, and restrictions meant she was unable to fly home.

Lucy finally arrived home in Dunbar on April 15 after two flights and a train journey, which took about 32 hours.

She said: “Every seat was filled on the first flight which was a bit daunting.

“There were people of all ages and ethnicities.

“The people that I got chatting to were all in a similar situation to me, all trying to get home and had their struggles along the way.”

The former Scottish Widows retirement specialist had been in Melbourne for less than a month when lockdown restrictions got under way.

That meant she had to try to find a way home.

She said: “I have very mixed emotions about being home.

“Although I am very thankful and glad to be safe and well, I am heartbroken that my trip was cut short.

“It still feels strange waking up in Dunbar knowing I should be halfway across the world!

“I’ve now completed my 14 days of self-isolation.

“During that time my mum and sister were kind enough to bring me little care packages and my favourite snacks to keep me going, so I got to see them through the window and over the garden fence, which was lovely.”

Lucy, of Dunbar’s East Links Road, had spent a year saving up to travel to Australia, with a view to volunteering at an animal welfare charity and taking part in charity events and environmental gatherings.

However, the coronavirus meant she lost her job working as a bar/restaurant manager and with no way to earn money she had to look at coming home.

She told the Courier: “I wouldn’t in any way say it was a waste.

“I got to spend some quality time with my Aunty and Uncle and explore Melbourne.I met some lovely people along the way and had a great time so I’m happy to have gone.

“I don’t have any plan going forward at the moment. Right now I’m just focussing on caring for my Gran and keeping us safe and well.

“As the lockdown eases, I’ll be looking to get straight back into full-time work to save up for a new adventure in the future!

“Ideally, I would love to go back and start my plans over again once this is all over and I’ve saved up.

“But for now, it’s just a waiting game for everyone to see where life will take us next!”