A GRAN with a passion for writing has released her third novel.

Olivia McMahon previously taught English as a foreign language and has continued her love of writing into retirement.

New novel Remorse is set in a remote village by the sea in the north-west of Ireland.

The main characters – Oscar, a middle-aged writer from London tormented by a lost love, and Eileen, a 19-year-old from Belfast on the run from the dissident IRA and a terrible secret – become friends.

Olivia said: “Oscar is thinking of a passionate love affair he had 20 years previously and was it his fault it ended tragically; where is she now and is it too late to start over again?

“He sets off for Hungary to try to find her.

“Eileen is on the run from the dissident IRA and regrets her involvement. Then she thinks of a way she can redeem herself.”

Eileen initially started as a character in a short story before the plot was developed to create Remorse, which is available on Amazon.

Olivia was pleased to say everybody who had read the novel had provided positive feedback.

The gran-of-four moved to Dunbar from Aberdeen last year to be closer to her family.

Immediately, she joined the Dunbar Writers’ Group and has continued her love for writing.

Previously, Olivia has had several books of poetry published and two other novels.

The first – Love As A Foreign Language – is based on her experience of teaching English as a foreign language in Paris.

The French capital is also the setting for her second novel – Rose-tinted Scissors – which focuses on an ambitious female hairdresser.

Olivia, 86, said: “Writing is what I feel is the most important thing in my life apart from family.

“I would hate not to have writing to do – I feel I’m alive if I am writing.”