Re your story about ‘concessions’ made to [North Berwick] retirement village bid.

I was horrified – they really must stop this.

It is said that Richmond ‘listened’ to all our objections – total rubbish.

They did not listen – or this would have stopped then and there; I did not hear one person in favour of this development.

The major objections were not based on the height of one building – but based on the actual site, the size of the development, the increase in population, the loss and destruction of good agricultural land, the ruination of ecosystems and wildlife havens, the increase in traffic along the road and pollution, the number of carers that might be needed (when our present local care homes constantly advertise for staff), the intolerable pressures on our own NHS in the area – etc etc.

I could go on but you have heard it all before.

This is and always has been a money-making project – now probably funded from a tax haven abroad – and Richmond simply have never listened and paid any attention that this site is not now and has never been in the local development plan.

Maybe they think we will now give up – we won’t.

The landowners have already diversified into a café shack and as a wedding venue – so why more and more?

Planners of East Lothian – please just say no.

Pat Morris (Mrs)