A MUSIC festival postponed due to the coronavirus is bringing music into people’s homes.

Haddstock was due to take place in Haddington town centre this weekend.

However, with the event, which was returning after a year’s break, pushed back to September due to the virus, the organisers have come up with Haddstock at Home.

Rebecca Dover said: “May 30 and 31 were the original dates of the festival.

“Then we learnt of the pandemic and we were devastated and agreed to postpone Haddstock in its real festival sense until September.

“The new dates for in the town are September 26 and 27.

“We thought, in the meantime, would it not be great to showcase our artists, musicians, performers and facilitators to have a weekend of posts, live music, art and music activities?

“Then people can enjoy a festival atmosphere in their own homes or gardens.”

She added: “It is not a replacement for the real festival but something fun for lockdown.”

The festival launched in 2017 and was headlined by Aberfeldy, who previously supported REM at Loch Lomond.

Two-thousand people packed Haddington, with pubs, cafes and other venues throughout the town hosting a number of musicians.

The festival’s success saw the event return the following year, with a similar number of people in attendance.

Organisers took a break last year but had lined up more than 80 acts for the festival this year.

Now, the team behind the event are organising Haddstock at Home.

Rebecca said: “So many families in Haddington enjoy Haddstock.

“Haddstock at Home will be on Facebook and our website Haddstock.co.uk

“It is video based, so there will be videos from all of our facilitators and performers.

“It will be available throughout the weekend and afterwards so people can still access it in their own time.”

Plans also continue to be in place for the rearranged Haddstock 2020.

Family and cultural events, authors and storytelling, were all part of the original plans.

Rebecca was hopeful coronavirus-related restrictions could be lifted before the rearranged festival takes place.

She was hopeful Haddstock 2020 could benefit the town’s economy, which has been hit by the lockdown restrictions.