I AM writing this just after the Scottish Government published its ‘route map’ to easing lockdown restrictions.

You are reading it on the day they hopefully confirm that we can move into ‘phase one’.

That will mean we can visit family (outdoors!); travel a little further to exercise; and even play some sports again.

The plan is very similar to what was announced by the Prime Minister a couple of weeks ago, but its phases come in later, and more cautiously, rightly I think.

It also begs a lot of questions about exactly what is allowed, and I am hoping that these can be quickly clarified, because we do need to stick to the restrictions even as they become more nuanced.

That is so important in order to avoid an increase in Covid infections, or even a second spike.

If that happens, further phases will not happen, and that could stop the return of schools on August 11.

That return will be difficult for all concerned, especially with the proposed ‘blended’ part-time at school model to allow social distancing in school.

Not least, it is going to be very difficult for working parents, but we do have to try and make it work.

So, even if you are not staying at home so much, please do stay within the rules!

I have written before about the debt we owe frontline workers in the NHS and social care.

I was very disappointed then that, in Parliament, SNP and Conservative MSPs joined forces to vote down legislation to provide free bus travel for them to get to work during the crisis, and to force care home companies to negotiate terms and conditions for their workers with their trade unions.

My colleagues also moved the creation of a Tenant Rent Support Fund to help those struggling to pay rent during the crisis, but there too the SNP and Conservatives voted it down, even although they have provided support for landlords.

It was not Parliament’s finest hour – carers need us to do more than clap for them.