DO NOT feed the ponies at North Berwick and Traprain Laws – this is the cry of East Lothian Council and its Countryside Ranger service.

It comes after reports were made that people are feeding the ponies, who are wild and eat the grass and flowers at both locations.

A Countryside Rangers statement said: “It’s essential that the public do not feed them.

“We need them to graze the Laws.”

A council spokesperson added: “Although there have been signs at both Laws in place for a number of years advising visitors not to feed the ponies, we have had to issue reminders via social media as it appears people have been visiting and feeding the ponies.”

The spokesperson added that the ponies did not need extra feeding, as the terrain they live on provides all their essential food.

The ponies were brought to the Laws to reduce grass vegetation and allow other plants to grow through.

The council spokesperson also said that, by feeding the ponies, visitors would change the animals’ behaviour, meaning they would come to expect to be fed.

This could cause concern to other walkers who might be scared of horses.