A POEM about lockdown by a North Berwick schoolboy brought tears to the eyes of his P3 teacher.

Jack Rutherford, 7, wrote the poem as part of a task set by his Law Primary School teacher Mrs Baxter.

Jack read it to his class during a Google classroom online session and his mum Jen told the Courier “his teacher got quite emotional”.

“Jack is just a wee ray of sunshine and is great at cheering everyone up,” Jen added.

A film of Jack performing his lockdown poem was sent to his gran and grandad Nancy and Ian Sloan, who are isolating in Lockerbie with Jen, and who also loved the poem.

Jack’s poetic cheer is especially needed by the family during this time: Jack’s gran Nancy was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 18 months ago, while his dad Peter’s father is also unwell in hospital.

Peter said: “It’s difficult for everyone but we are lucky that we have a garden and some lovely open spaces and are lucky to get out and exercise.”

Jack is spending lockdown in Dundas Avenue, North Berwick, with dad Peter and big sister Ruby, 13.

Peter added: “He has bundles of energy. He loves sport and playing rugby, football and tennis and taking the dog for a walk. He’s a real outdoor kid and is good with his words. He reads to his two-year-old cousin once a week on Zoom as part of our new lockdown routine.”

Due to the response to his poetry, Jack is now writing more.

The poem, titled Jack’s Lockdown Poem, reads:

My name is Jack and I’m 7 years old. When I'm older there will be a story to be told.

In 2020 along came a nasty bug. That meant we weren't able to give anyone a hug.

I am lucky to be at home with my family and pet. We have a nice garden so we are all set.

We can go to the park and the beach. And the hills around us are within easy reach.

I get to spend time at home all day long. I’m learning ukulele and soon a new song.

My garden is growing I water the plants. Sometimes in my jammies and I skip over the ants.

I’m getting lots of snacks – I'm really well fed. And I stay up later and later before going to bed.

The sun is warm, there is no storm. I hope you stay safe and come to no harm.