DANCING in kilts, onesie wearers and even an appearance from Captain America – just a typical day at Dunbar Grammar School!

Staff reached out to pupils with a special video to let them know they were thinking about them during lockdown. Schools across the county shut their doors on March 20, with learning limited to outside the classroom.

Claire Slowther, headteacher, begins the video with a series of notes that read: “Dear DGS community, the staff at DGS have made you this video to tell you that we really miss you and can’t wait to see you again. Please remember that we are always here for you. We are DGS and we care about you.

“We will rise through this.Enjoy the video – it is all about you (our awesome students).”

Then, members of staff and pupils dance to the McFly song, It’s All About You.

While some staff are simply in their garden or their homes, others have donned kilts, are clutching oversized stuffed toys, or even dressed as a Marvel superhero!

Mrs Slowther enjoyed taking part in the video, which was the idea of Pam McIntosh, principal teacher, pupil support, at the school, having done something similar during the festive season.

The headteacher said: “As a school, we pride ourselves on fostering and maintaining warm and caring relationships. Not having daily contact with our students is difficult.

“Pam wanted to do a wee something which would be fun for staff and an opportunity for the students to see us and be reminded how much we care about them.

“In keeping with our Christmas dance, she suggested that staff film themselves doing the slosh at home to McFly’s It’s All About You. We wanted the students to know that they are always on our minds and we miss them.

“The staff were brilliant at filming themselves, dancing and even dressing up!

“Duncan McBride (depute headteacher) expertly put the video clips together.

“We have had brilliant feedback from students, parents/carers and teachers.”

Mrs Slowther stressed there was a message behind the fun.

She added: “It is so important to remain a connected community in these difficult times.

“Staff are working hard to provide varied, challenging and engaging online learning but are also acutely aware of developing new methods of communication and fostering school spirit.

“Social media has been a valuable tool for us and we have also been creating a very detailed weekly newsletter which we email to families and digital assemblies.

“With six weeks left of this term, who knows what we will dream up to do next!”

To view the YouTube video, go to www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDxncRF5Jeg