RECYCLING centres across East Lothian will re-open on June 1.

Facilities in Dunbar, North Berwick, Macmerry and Kinwegar, near Wallyford, have been shut for several weeks.

Various conditions have been set out ahead of the re-opening of the four sites in a bid to maintain safety.

Councillor Norman Hampshire, the local authority’s spokesman for the environment, said: “Although we know that some local residents have experienced inconvenience during these temporary closures, government guidance was clear that a journey to household waste recycling centre was not considered essential travel, so East Lothian Council prioritised maintaining essential kerbside collections which our residents rely on.

“The safety of both staff and site users remains our top priority and in order to reopen we will be introducing new rules following national guidelines around social distancing measures, appropriate hygiene procedures and traffic management and we ask that people planning to come to these sites respect and observe these requirements.”

Visitors to a recycling centre must:

· Produce proof of East Lothian residency such as driving licence, council tax letter to be shown through your car window to our staff – no ID = no access.

· Not travel to any recycling centre if you are showing any signs of infection, have a member of your household showing symptoms, or are self-isolating due to Covid-19.

· Be aware of the limit on the number of vehicles allowed onto the tipping areas. This will operate on a one in one out system and will inevitably lead to long queues at peak times.

· Remain at least two metres away from staff and other site users in line with social distancing measures.

· Be physically able to lift and carry anything you bring. Staff at the centres will not be able to assist you with any unloading.

· Make sure only one adult per vehicle should get out of the vehicle to unload and dispose of items.

· Keep all children within your vehicle at all times for their safety and protection.

· Be aware that pedestrian access to the recycling centres is not permitted.

· Note that the last vehicle will be admitted at 6.15pm in line waste management licensing conditions.

· Note there is a temporary limit of five standard household refuse sacks, with either garden waste or domestic waste, or a combination of both not exceeding five sacks can be disposed of per visit.

Mr Hampshire added: “Initially the sites will only be able to accept a maximum of five standard sized refuse sacks with garden waste or normal domestic waste and small electrical items for disposal per vehicle.

“This is strictly a temporary measure put in place for everyone’s benefit to ensure that vehicles can unload quickly, reducing queues and waiting times for everyone else, and will be relaxed after the initial expected high demand to access the centres reduces.

“If queues become too long and are deemed to be dangerous we will be forced to close the centres so I would urge you to follow these rules, help speed up the process and give everybody the opportunity to dispose of their material.”

Refuse sacks can contain domestic waste that would normally go in a green wheelie bin; garden waste that would normally go in a brown wheelie bin; or small electrical appliances, such as a toaster or kettle.

There will be traffic management systems at all recycling centres both inside and on the approach to the centres.

Due to the number of residents expected at the recycling centres, queues may quickly form with waiting times so residents are asked to consider if their trip is truly essential.

A spokeswoman for the local authority said: “Legally we cannot accept waste after 6.30pm, the gates will be closed at 6.15pm to allow cars already inside the confines of the recycling centre to unload however no cars queuing outside will be admitted onto the site.

“Although we intend to still accommodate vans and trailers before 10.30am each morning these vehicles must follow the same five standard refuse sack limit amount as cars.

“Please note that for the immediate period after we reopen we cannot accept any construction/commercial waste or cardboard on the site.

“Vehicles carrying commercial waste have other disposal outlets available to them to dispose of their waste legally.”