A NORTH Berwick-based environmental group has helped a local takeaway reduce its plastic use by providing it with reusable containers.

Sustaining North Berwick has teamed up with Indian food takeaway The Tiffin Box on North Berwick High Street and provided it with – what else? – authentic, traditional tiffin boxes to put its food in!

Customers will now receive their meal in an environmentally friendly tiffin box which they can return when they place their next order.

The takeaway will reuse the cleaned tiffin boxes, drastically cutting down its use of plastic boxes.

Business owners Nav Shetra and Deepa Singh had previously sourced reusable and recyclable plastic containers rather than single-use ones but were still concerned that many of the containers were ending up in landfill.

The pair were determined to find a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Sustaining North Berwick provided the business with 40 stainless-steel tiffin boxes.

Ruth Hunter Pepper, of Sustaining North Berwick, said: “We really loved the idea of replacing the plastic containers and worked closely with The Tiffin Box to achieve their ambition, sourced the boxes and bought them.

“We always welcome the opportunity to work with local businesses and help and advise where we can to make our town cleaner and greener.”

Brothers-in-law Nav and Deepa said the response from customers has been very positive, with some saying they like the “smart and authentic” tiffin boxes and are happy to be using less plastic.

Sustaining North Berwick will share the results of the scheme with Zero Waste Scotland, a Scottish Government funded environmental organisation, in the hope other towns and takeaways will adopt a similar approach.