A PORT Seton schoolgirl has been making her own masks during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

Niamh McMath, 11, a primary six pupil at Cockenzie Primary School, is making the masks using a sewing machine she received for Christmas one year, after completing sewing classes.

Mum Marie, who lives with Niamh on North Seton Park, said: “She is making them herself as she got sewing lessons. She just loved them and then got a sewing machine for Christmas.

“She’s really good at it and has made lots of things since the schools have been off; she’s made me a peg bag and a little pouch that can go around my wrist to store my phone in when I’m out walking the dog.

“I don’t know how she does it all.”

Niamh’s younger sister Orla helps by cutting the material and preparing it for production.

The material she is using to make them was bought for her by friends and family when she received her sewing machine.

A lack of elastic means Niamh is using string, which she finger-knits to make the loops that secure the mask around the wearer’s ears.

Marie said: “She saw something in the news about people starting to making their own masks and also the schools making things like visors and she was inspired by that and thought she could make them herself.”

Niamh sourced a pattern she could refer to and, as there is no printer in the house, drew out the pattern herself.

Marie said: “She made the first one all by herself and when she knew the process enough she explained it to my younger daughter.”

In about two weeks, Niamh has made roughly 20 masks, handing them out to friends and family who live nearby.

Marie said: “She’s really talented at it.

“A couple of people we have given them to have offered some money but we said to donate it to charity.

“It’s a challenge to fit things in around school work.

“She made bunting for the front of the house for VE Day, so that took up a bit of time, but she is back to making masks as usual.”