SUMMER has arrived and it is set to be a scorching hot day across East Lothian as temperatures are expected to reach 22 degrees Celsius and remain in the high teens for the rest of the day.

Across the county the temperature is expected to pass 20 degrees for most of the afternoon.

It will also remain dry and there is little chance of rain forecast.

In the east of the county it will be warm and temperatures will pass 20 and reach 22 Celsius for the majority of the day.

In Haddington and Dunbar temperatures will fall to no less than 18 Celsius throughout the day.

Those in coastal towns will still feel the heat but it will be slightly cooler compared to other parts of the county.

In North Berwick for example temperatures will remain between 16 and 19 Celsius until this evening when they will reach 20 Celsius.

It will be a little cooler in the west of the county however.

In Tranent temperatures are expected to stay between 15 and 19 Celsius for most of the day and peak at 20 Celsius later on this evening.

In Prestonpans and Musselburgh temperatures will remain between 16 and 19 Celsius until later this afternoon when it will hit 20 Celsius and be as hot as 21 Celsius. This will also be the case in villages such as Humbie and Gifford.