AN APPEAL for thermometers for cancer patients has been hailed a great success.

Almost £9,000 has been donated, which has allowed about 200 thermometers to be purchased since Councillor Colin McGinn launched an appeal on social media.

Mr McGinn appealed for donations towards thermometers last month.

The councillor, who represents the Tranent ward, was delighted with the response from members of the public.

He said: “After a few stressful weeks trying to source thermometers, we have finally secured the delivery we needed.

“Thanks to your wonderful generosity we have managed to support mental health services in East Lothian, St Columba’s Hospice and, of course, families living with cancer.

“Staff at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh are so thankful for the support.

“Without your response this would never have been possible and I wish to thank every single one of you again, your generosity and support has been overwhelming and I am truly, truly grateful to you all.

“Your support is quite simply a wonderful example of a community, even in the bleakest of times, stepping up to help others in need.”

The Walk With Scott Foundation member stressed the importance of thermometers to people with cancer and also highlighted the lack of the devices due to the coronavirus.

He said: “When you’re a cancer patient at the Western General, and you’re getting chemotherapy and you get sent home, you have to monitor your temperature religiously, hourly, all the time.

“A spike in temperature for a cancer patient or someone receiving chemotherapy could be fatal and you have to monitor it.”

Mr McGinn added: “Because of the current coronavirus crisis, the thermometers we need are in short supply.

“Families are leaving the hospital without them.

“That is not the hospital’s fault – it’s no one’s fault – it’s just a fact that families are having to leave and go home without thermometers.”