A NORTH Berwick-based mental health charity is delivering art packs to vulnerable people in the community, while also providing its services online during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Stepping Out, which is based in the town’s community centre but covers the whole of East Lothian, is creating and delivering art bags to those who use its service and usually attend its art class on a Monday.

The bags each contain items unique to the individual, and have been put together by art teacher Liz Walker.

Project manager Nicky Fox said the charity did consider hosting the class on Zoom, but realised this would not be suitable for certain people and for those without access to the necessary technology .

The classes were instead moved to WhatsApp, a more accessible platform which allows for interaction.

Nicky said: “What Liz started to do was, every day, post a picture of something she had painted or done herself.

“She’d then ask them to do something like that, or nothing, or whatever they fancy.

“We’re keeping in touch with those that use our service every day rather than once a week.”

Nicky added that Stepping Out was also starting a ‘photo a day’ initiative with the art group, in the hope of encouraging more involvement.

She said: “The response when we managed to deliver the bags was amazing. A lot of people are quite isolated, which is part of the reason for doing it. They were so happy to get the bag of stuff, it’s like a present for them.

“One lady was so excited she sent pictures of each individual item.

“North Berwick Community Centre have also been very helpful, both to us and the town as a whole, and have been giving some people extra meals.”

Some of those in the charity’s healthy minds happy babies group have also received art supplies.

Nicky also thanked the local playgroup who donated some toys and supplies to make playdough.

Meanwhile, another one of the charity’s groups has been adding songs to a playlist to keep them in touch and entertained during lockdown. Nicky added that if anyone would like to donate art supplies or help the charity in any way they could get in touch with Stepping Out on Facebook – www.facebook.com/Steppingouteastlothian