My husband and I are both pensioners and were out on our daily hourly walking exercise after lunch last Tuesday.

We vary our routes but on this particular day we decided to walk along the road which goes to West Barns from Yosemite Park.

We turned left and went under the bridge which takes you onto the road to Spott Roundabout.

Just as we had turned left to do so, all of a sudden at least five dogs appeared from nowhere and leapt on to the road from the field and a black large Labrador then came running towards me and jumped up and put its claws on my arm which meant its face was next to mine.

I am frightened of large dogs and let out a scream whereupon another large coffee/cream-coloured dog came running towards me.

The owner (I presume) eventually appeared and shouted on the dogs to come to him but, of course, they didn’t.

I was so scared and shouted on him that the dogs should all be on leashes due to the virus and that dogs can carry the virus.

He initially apologised then got very aggressive, shouting that I should stay at home and mind my own business at my age.

I told him I was going to report him and I got another mouthful of abuse.

If I had been a child I would certainly have been knocked over at least.

Also, if I hadn’t been wearing a long-sleeved top my arm would have been clawed.

This person drove a white van stating it belonged to a drainage company and was obviously out letting the dogs do their “business” in the farmer’s fields.

I presume because all the parks have been closed off this is the easiest option for people with multiple dogs.

We are both very keen walkers but this has left me so shaken for the total disregard of the majority of us who are complying with the lockdown rules.

Surely it could be made mandatory that all dog walkers keep their dogs on leashes for everyone’s safety and hygiene? The number of dog walkers using Winterfield golf course at the moment is shameful.

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