STREETS in new developments in Tranent could be named after well-known local figures who have sadly passed away.

More than 500 houses are expected to be built to the south of the town at Windygoul South, between Ormiston Road and Elphinstone Road.

Now, discussions are taking place to see well-known figures from Tranent recognised with streets named in their memory. Councillor Kenny McLeod, who represents the town on East Lothian Council, was among those backing the idea.

Names being considered include the late Bobby Marr, who ran a greengrocer and florist on the town’s Winton Place for nearly 50 years; Mary Johnstone, who was involved with the town’s community council and gala and died in 2013; and Scott Glynn, who raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for good causes through a series of charity walks and passed away recently.

Mr McLeod said: “I hope it comes to fruition. We have got a bench for Bobby – anybody up to the age of 70, between 30 years old and 70, would know who Bobby Marr was.”

Fellow ward member Councillor Colin McGinn was also keen to see the idea explored further.

He said: “We have had a wee bit of dialogue with council officials about the idea and I think it is a great thing to recognise some of the local folk that have made a difference and to chat about some of the names.

“There are names that have been suggested by a number of people, like Bobby Marr, and Scott Glynn, who is particularly close to my heart.”
Mr McGinn said conversations would need to take place with the families of those suggested.

And he felt it was a good way to ensure there was a connection between any new development and the existing town.

He said: “Our communities are all growing at various times; there are discussions that when communities grow you lose a sense of community.

“I believe if we have got these names attached to developments it creates a link between the old and new.

“It may generate some discussion about the community they are moving into.”

Work is already under way on housing to the south of Fleets View and west of Ormiston Road.

David Forrest, chairman of Tranent and Elphinstone Community Council (TECC), also welcomed the idea.

He said: “I would like to see people recognised and streets named after them.

“A shortlist of three or four, including Scott Glynn, was mentioned.”
Mr Forrest noted there were already streets in the town, including Glennie Gardens and McNeill Walk, which bore the names of former residents.

The community council chairman said: “It has gone on for years.

“People get remembered and streets are named after them and I don’t see why that should change now.”