A tapestry designed by Cockenzie artist Andrew Crummy to mark the 700th anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath has taken centre stage after celebrations were cancelled due to coronavirus.

Mr Crummy, who designed the Scottish Diaspora and Battle of Prestonpans tapestries among others, first created the Arbroath Tapestry design two years ago.

And after nearly 2,000 hours of needlework by teams in Angus, led by Arbroath-based Linda Walker, it has been framed in a stunning three panel casing made from oak dating back 700 years which was taken from Robert the Bruce’s estate.

The finished tapestry features in a documentary video released online to mark the anniversary on Monday, which features actor Brian Cox reciting part of the declaration and looks at its impact on Scotland.

The documentary also features work by East Lothian artist Andrew Hillhouse, from Cockenzie, who passed away in 2018.

Celebrations which had been planned to mark the anniversary this week have been postponed until next year following the lockdown.

However the documentary was released on time and showed the finished tapestry in its display case which will go on show at Arbroath Abbey

Mr Crummy said he was delighted to be involved in the tapestry which is expected to go on display at Arbroath Abbey.

He said: “To see how a small idea which was started by Linda Walker in Arbroath, has grown and made a huge impact already, even before it goes into the new visitors centre at Arbroath Abbey.

“It has been a privilege, like all the tapestries to work with amazing stitchers. Without them their craft, creativity and generosity there would be no tapestry.”

The central panel portrays Robert the Bruce and Abbot Bernard of Arbroath writing the Declaration while the two smaller panels represent the role and influence of the Abbey within Arbroath.

The left panel features William I, founder of the Abbey, along with a fisherwoman to reflect the importance of local fishing industry.

The right panel represents the many trades which were involved in building and maintaining the Abbey and depicts two Scottish nobles setting sail to deliver the Declaration to Avignon.

The Declaration of Arbroath was a letter sent from Scotland’s nobles to Pope John in Avignon on April 6, 1320.

Widely acknowledged as one of Scotland’s most important documents, the 700th anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath has inspired Arbroath 2020, a highly impressive six-month programme of special events.