Parking restrictions in East Lothian have been relaxed during the coronavirus lockdown but the county's wardens are still on patrol.

The council has said that, following government advice for people to stay at home, restrictions to single yellow lines and 90-minute bays have been temporarily suspended.

However it warned that the county's team of parking attendants will continue to operate, with focus turning to people who block roads or cause obstructions.

Eight parking tickets were issued in Gullane at the weekend as a small number of people ignored advice to stay home and headed to the beach.

East Lothian Council has closed coastal car park and it is understood the fines were handed to people who parked on double yellow lines on the road outside.

A spokesperson said: "Parking attendants are still on duty to enforce double yellow lines, loading bays, bus stops and ensure safe access.

"In light of Government advice for people to stay at home, there is a temporary suspension of parking enforcement on both single yellow lines and 90-minute bays to allow residents to park without fear of penalty.

“Like other frontline services which continue to operate in our communities, staff are advised on safe working practices including social distancing and parking attendants are viewed as essential.”

There was a large drop in the number of visitors to East Lothian's coast and countryside sites at the weekend, the local authority has said.

East Lothian Council closed its coastal car parks after chaotic scenes during the first weekend of lock down as people travelled to the popular beaches to exercise.

It said the numbers of people travelling to the sites fell as advice to stay at home was followed more stringently following the car park closures.

However they said a small number of people continued to flout the legislation, parking on the surrounding roads instead.

A spokesperson said: "There’s been a large reduction in travel to our coast and countryside sites following the closure of the car parks, with the vast majority of the public adhering to national guidelines.

"Sadly a small number are still driving to sites and parking close-by to take their exercise.

"Our message, in line with Government and health advice, is very clear: people should stay local and stay safe. We would ask that everyone follows this essential guidance.”