A North Berwick artist has launched a campaign to thank postal workers for their hard work during the coronavirus crisis.

Georgina Bown, 54, has designed posters to put up in windows, thanking the local posties for their continued efforts.

Georgina, who has won The Print Maker's Print Award and exhibited in venues including the Royal Scottish Academy and Royal Society of British Artists, said: “The postal workers are working hard and can’t isolate like other key workers. My friend who’s a postie worked an 11-hour shift the other day.

“I think the public need to be conscious of the effects of ordering online while bored at home, and the additional pressure that puts on the postal and courier service.

“The posties have got so much to do because everybody's at home ordering online, probably frivolous things that maybe they don't need, and it's putting such pressure on them.

“I would also like to make people aware that posties aren’t provided with any protection for sorting and delivering post: no gloves, masks or sanitiser.

“Think of what they're handling every day and the things they have to touch. All this stuff everybody's ordering online to entertain themselves at home.

In addition to worries of postal workers being overworked is the concern about hygiene, Georgina said. “They could be passing [coronavirus] on, you know. It could be a health issue there. I think they need to be protected – so does everybody.”

Georgina added that the project would simultaneously entertain children and thank the posties: “Kids love to make posters, don’t they? So this is something they can do.”

She added: “Don’t order unnecessary things -- think about it. They say it's busier than Christmas.

“If everybody could just curb that a little bit and take the pressure off the posties, that would be cool.”