THE Prestoungrange Gothenburg came to the aid last week of children across the county who rely on free school meals by delivering them breakfasts.

In light of the schools closing, parents and carers were initially asked to take their children to The Goth on Prestonpans High Street for a free breakfast.

The breakfast items, which consisted of cereal, milk and fruit juice, were either donated by members of the public or by the pub itself.

However, as advice surrounding coronavirus changed, staff realised they could not allow members of the public inside so the focus changed to deliveries.

On how the idea came about, Michelle Wilson, business owner, told the Courier: “We actually have family members and employees who are teachers at local primary schools and we were having a discussion.

“A lot of people were worried about certain kids that they have in classrooms, knowing that a lot of them come to school very hungry and don’t get breakfast in the morning.

“This really hit me and it’s horrible to think kids are going to school without food in their stomach.

“So we thought we’d do a drop-in centre to make sure kids were getting that breakfast in the morning.”

People nominated a person or messaged in asking for help, with deliveries made to families in Prestonpans, Cockenzie and Port Seton, Musselburgh, Tranent, Ormiston and Wallyford.

The first day of deliveries, made by Michelle and her mother-in-law Sheila Norris, were quite emotional.

Michelle said: “We did about 22 or 23 houses and some had five or six kids in them.

“The parents and kids were both so grateful, which was really nice. There was another lady nominated by her sister; the lady was very shocked and overwhelmed.

“The reactions we got from people last week were those of thankfulness, which was really nice to see.”

The announcement of a nationwide lockdown by Prime Minister Boris Johnson meant the initiative could not continue in its current form.

Michelle said she was sad and “really sorry” that her part in the project had to come to an end.

Jenifer Hamilton, an outreach support worker at First Step Community Project, messaged Michelle and offered to help to complete deliveries on their behalf.

However, an arrangement could not be reached and Michelle is currently arranging alternative delivery methods.

She added that she hoped lots more families could receive help.