A DOTING dad has paid tribute to his 11-year-old son, whom he described as “perfect in every way”, following his sudden and unexplained death.

Martin Higgs led the tributes to son Aaron, who was a keen footballer and pupil at Loretto RC Primary School, Musselburgh.

He said: “Aaron was an amazing boy. He was perfect in every way and the light of the family.

“He was an amazing big brother to both his younger brother and sister and his cousins, who adored him.

“He was just so, so special and he will be sadly missed by his family.”

Aaron passed away on Saturday in the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh.

Martin was also his son’s football coach at Musselburgh Youngstars.

His dad, who is married to Aaron’s mum, Gemma, added: “He had been playing with them since he was five or six years old.

“As a parent and as a coach, I could never be prouder in how he has come on and how hard he tries.

“He gave everything and he was an important team player.”

The young centre-back, who had a younger brother, Aiden (six), and sister, Evie (two), was a Nottingham Forest and Celtic fan and was “huge” into football.

Away from football, Aaron, who had no underlying health issues, was also a member of the Musselburgh-based Jewel Karate Group.

The family lived in the Honest Toun.

Margaret-Anne McBean, Aaron’s headteacher at Loretto RC Primary School in Musselburgh, also paid tribute to the youngster.

She said: “We are deeply shocked and saddened to have been informed of the sudden death of P7F pupil Aaron Higgs at the weekend.

“Aaron was a popular pupil and classmate, and a friend to many.

“He will be remembered as an exemplary pupil, hardworking, bright, intelligent, a keen learner, extremely polite and helpful to everyone.

“He was a super big brother. He was a true credit to himself, his family and our school.

“I would like to send our deepest condolences and prayers to all of his friends and family.

“The loss of a life at such a young age is a tragedy and it is a very difficult time for everyone affected.”

A statement was posted on Musselburgh Youngstars’ Facebook page on Sunday evening.

It read: “It is with an extremely heavy heart that we are announcing the passing of Aaron Higgs from our 2008 team.

"Higgsy has been part of the club for a very long time and his infectious smile will be missed greatly. 

“Aaron was in primary seven at Loretto Primary School and enjoyed karate as well as football.

“He will be greatly missed and all our thoughts are with our 2008’s head coach Martin, Gemma and all the family.”

Touching comments were also left by neighbouring football clubs, including Musselburgh Athletic, Musselburgh Windsor and Tranent Colts.

Regarding the cause of death, tests have shown that Aaron did not have Covid-19 (coronavirus).

Dad Martin confirmed his son’s death was sudden and unexplained and that an autopsy would be required.

No date has yet been set for Aaron’s funeral.

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