TWO Tranent youngsters donated their pocket money to local charities in an attempt to help those in need during the coronavirus outbreak.

Orla Grant and Holly Walkingshaw, both 10 years old, were spending their money on the town’s High Street and became aware of many of the shops’ empty shelves.

The conversation about foodbanks that followed, and the thought of how people would cope without supplies, led to the girls deciding they would use their leftover pocket money to buy items to donate to others.

Orla and Holly – both pupils at Windygoul Primary School – invited their family and friends to donate, and raised £125.

The girls used the money to buy cleaning products and food items, such as tinned food and cereal, from Aldi, which they donated to East Lothian Foodbank.

Orla’s mum Kirsty, who accompanied the girls on their shopping trip, said: “I’m not gonna lie – we were met with a good few dirty looks and a few comments.

“The one that stuck out most for them was, ‘look at what they have in their trolley – that’s disgusting’. You could see people looking over at them.

“The girls were really shocked and taken aback by what people were saying.”

But Kirsty added: “They’re just laughing about it and taking it in their stride.”

Following the comments, Orla and Holly left the store and donated the remaining £50 to East Lothian Sunday Fresh Chicken Dinner Boxes, an appeal set up in December last year to help struggling families in the run up to Christmas.

The appeal has continued, and the girls’ donation helped fund six boxes.

Kirsty added: “They managed to help more than one charity and I’m very proud of them.”

Last Monday, Kirsty joined the girls to donate the food and cleaning products to East Lothian Foodbank.

Foodbank director Candace Higgins said: “We rely completely on volunteers and donations from the public, and the kindness of the public, to keep us running. We provide an emergency service for people who need us in the county and, without the kindness of people like Orla and Holly, we genuinely couldn’t do what we do.”

Donations and support for the foodbank can be made via

For more information about East Lothian Sunday Fresh Chicken Diner Boxes, email