AN ELDERLY couple fear they could be kicked out on the streets as the holiday park where they live shuts down.

Robert and Anne Hay have lived at Seton Sands Holiday Park, near Port Seton, for the last four years but the coronavirus outbreak could leave them homeless.

Businesses throughout the UK are closing their doors due to the outbreak, with holidaymakers being told to leave holiday parks.

Robert, 74, and wife Anne, 79, have urged Haven, which manages Seton Sands, to give them a reprieve and allow them to keep staying where they are.

Robert, who worked as an electrical inspector, said: “If we could just stay here and carry on as we were, it would be ideal.

“We are almost in lockdown ourselves. We have never been anywhere in the last few days; I went to Lidl to get some food, but other than that, we have not been out.

“We are keeping ourselves to ourselves and we are not able to spread anything around.

“It would be an ideal place to stay and see this out.”

A security guard at the park visited the couple on Monday to tell them they had to move out as everything would be closing down due to the coronavirus.

However, the couple do not have another house to move into and fear moving into a hotel would simply be too expensive.

Each year, Robert and Anne have to move out of the holiday village, where they are classed as owners, between November 30 and March 1 when the village shuts down.

At that time, Robert told the Courier, they house sit for friends in North Berwick who spend the winter months in Spain.

But their friends are currently back home in the county.

Robert, who has type two diabetes, ulcerative colitis and high blood pressure, said he and his wife, who had two pulmonary embolisms last year, regarded the caravan as “our home” and were worried they could be made homeless.

He added: “At the moment, we are just waiting now on something coming from the office to tell us we have to be off the park.

“It is a case of wait and see if they come up any time now and say we have got to go, that’s it and we will be on the street.

“I did say to them: We would literally be on the street because we have nowhere to go and we need time to be fixing up alternative accommodation.’”

The couple, originally from Edinburgh, moved into Seton Sands four years ago.

A spokeswoman for Haven said they were in the process of closing their parks.

On Tuesday afternoon, she said: “Yesterday we provided guidance to our owner’s community that they should avoid travel unless it is essential, which includes travel to caravan parks whether this is for isolation purposes or holidays.

“Today, we are asking our owners to follow this Government instruction and return to their primary residence.

“We are aware that there are some isolated cases where members of our owners’ community may not be able to leave their holiday home where their primary residence is not available. We are dealing with these on an individual basis.

“The safety and wellbeing of our owners, guests and team remains our number one priority. We would like to thank all our owners for their support and understanding throughout this period.”