A DRUNK man who attacked two police officers with a hammer in broad daylight in Tranent has been jailed for eight months.

Kevin Inverarity drunk a bottle of vodka before running amok with the makeshift weapon on the town’s Bridge Street and High Street last month.

Inverarity, 36, attempted to strike both officers with the hammer after they had been called out to deal with his behaviour.

Inverarity chased one police officer while wielding the blunt tool before jumping into their marked police vehicle and attempting to drive away.

He was pulled from the vehicle by one officer, while another used their PAVA spray in a bid to disarm the attacker.

Inverarity was eventually tackled to the ground by the two constables and he was taken to a police station, where he was arrested and charged.

The violent attack took place in broad daylight in front of shocked shoppers and motorists, and footage of the incident was captured on a mobile phone.

Inverarity appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court last month from custody to admit five offences, and he had not guilty pleas accepted by the Crown to a further five allegations.

He was back in the dock on Thursday, where Sheriff Chris Dickson told him: “This was an extremely serious offence, chasing members of the public while brandishing a hammer and chasing police attempting to strike them with the hammer on Tranent High Street.

“Given the very serious nature of these offences, I consider a custodial sentence is the only appropriate way to deal with you.”

Sheriff Dickson jailed Inverarity for eight months and banned him from driving for 19 months.

Prosecutor Eilidh Yeats told the court that Inverarity was spotted by two witnesses smashing a house window at Bridge Street at about 3.10pm on February 19.

He then chased two people along the street while brandishing the hammer before turning his attention to the police officers who had arrived on the scene.

Ms Yeats said: “Police officers approached the accused and they were of the opinion he was under the influence as he had glazed eyes and was unsteady on his feet.

“Constable Porteous approached the accused and he raised the hammer above his head. The accused displayed aggressive behaviour and he had the hammer raised near to his head.

“He was moving it back and forward in a threatening manner and in a bid to strike the officers.”

The two police officers were forced to draw their batons and use their PAVA spray as they attempted to take possession of the hammer.

Inverarity, of Bridge Street, then chased PC Porteous around his stationary vehicle before he jumped into the driver seat and attempted to drive the police vehicle away.

Fortunately, the officers managed to open the door and drag him from their vehicle before spraying him to the face again and grabbing the hammer from him.

The court then heard that Inverarity continued to be violent and unruly while in attendance at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary and at St Leonard’s Police Station in Edinburgh.

Solicitor Sandy Raeburn said his unemployed client had drunk a bottle of vodka before the attacks and had “little recollection of events”.

Mr Raeburn added: “These incidents were fuelled by alcohol and he recognises this is a problem. He is ashamed and does not recognise his own behaviour.”

Inverarity admitted behaving in a threatening or abusive manner by striking a window with a hammer, shouting, swearing, acting in an aggressive manner and brandishing a hammer at members of the public and police officers at Bridge Street and High Street, both Tranent, on February 19.

He also admitted assaulting PC Greig Porteous by brandishing the hammer at him, chasing after him and attempting to strike him on the body with the hammer.

Inverarity also pleaded guilty to possessing a hammer in a public place and to being in charge of a vehicle while unfit to do so through drink or drugs.

He also admitted behaving in a threatening or abusive manner by shouting, swearing, uttering threats to urinate, uttering threats of violence and uttering homophobic remarks to police officers at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary and St Leonard’s Police Station in Edinburgh.

He had not guilty pleas accepted to attempting to assault a man with a hammer, attempting to steal a police vehicle, driving the vehicle with no licence or insurance, and struggling with police officers.