A NORTH Berwick motorist who dangerously overtook vehicles on a country road has been fined and banned from driving.

Glenn Fergusson drove his vehicle dangerously and repeatedly overtook cars on the rural B1345 Fenton Barns to Drem road in November 2018.

Fergusson also overtook vehicles on a blind bend, causing other motorists to take evasive action, on the unclassified road between Camptoun and Haddington.

Fergusson, of Phillimore Square, denied the allegations and stood trial at Edinburgh Sheriff Court.

Following the evidence, Sheriff John Cook found the 24-year-old guilty.

Sheriff Cook sentenced Fergusson to pay a fine of £800 and banned him from the road for 12 months.

Fergusson was found guilty of driving a vehicle dangerously by repeatedly overtaking vehicles when it was unsafe to do so, including on a blind bend, and causing other vehicles to take evasive action at the B1345 Fenton Barns to Drem road and on the road between Camptoun and Haddington on November 22, 2018.