A NORTH Berwick resident who painted her front door pink has been ordered to apply for planning permission after a single complaint.

The stunned home owner was ordered to make a retrospective planning application by East Lothian Council planners after they were alerted to the change in the conservation area.

And she pointed to other doors in her street which are painted red, yellow and blue in her defence of the decision.

Applying for planning permission for the paintwork, which is described as coral, she said: “I had no idea that I needed planning permission for this and assumed it would be okay as there are many other strong coloured front doors in our local streets.

“Our door was chipped and neglected and I was aiming to make it appear smarter – it very much ties in with my design aesthetic and these colourful front doors are becoming increasingly popular in both conservation areas and outwith.”

She goes on to point out that the front door of her house, on Dirleton Avenue in the coastal town, is not visible from the street because of high hedges and its corner location.

And she said she had been told by planning officers that they had only received one complaint about the colour of the door.

She added: “We invested considerable money in upgrading the front door and the gilded lettering and have received many compliments.”

As well as producing photographs of other properties with boldly painted doors, the applicant points out that one neighbouring house has pink rendering on its walls.

The planning application is being considered by council officers.