CONCERNS have been raised that standards are slipping at Haddington’s public toilets.

Attendants in public toilets throughout the county were axed 18 months ago by East Lothian Council.

They were replaced by a team of mobile toilet attendants.

However, Haddington’s community council heard there were concerns about the cleanliness of the toilets on the town’s Neilson Park Road.

The issue was highlighted to Jim Graham, community councillor and High Street businessman, by a customer. He said: “The person had seen a distinct deterioration in the standards and wondered what the process was for cleaning them and how they are operated.”

Ward councillors John McMillan and Craig Hoy were at the community council meeting last month.

Mr McMillan, who lives in the town, said the toilets were inspected by mobile attendants and he had received little in the way of complaints.

That was echoed by Mr Hoy, who also lives in the town. He said he had popped into the toilets and did not notice anything out of the ordinary.

In 2002, East Lothian Council became only the second local authority to be awarded the British Loo of the Year title as facilities around the county outshone the rest of the UK.