NORTH Berwick’s Lobster Shack eaterie could become a permanent fixture in the town’s harbour.

Owner Stirling Stewart wants the snack bar and seating area to be in situ all-year round, rather than removed at the end of its season.

The Lobster Shack currently opens in about April each year and closes in about October, remaining shut over the winter months.

But Mr Stewart is now asking East Lothian Council that its facilities be allowed to remain in place at the harbour from November until March.

Mr Stewart, who also owns the Nether Abbey Hotel and The Rocketeer Restaurant, said: “The application has been made to enable use of the Lobster Shack facility on a year-round basis.

“The Lobster Shack has acquired an international reputation and has a strong social media following.

“We frequently receive requests for opening times outside the traditional peak seasonal period, including New Year and the spring and autumn breaks.

“Responding to this demand will deliver an economic benefit to the wider community, generate business for local lobster fishermen and create local employment opportunities.”

The plans were discussed at a North Berwick Community Council meeting.

Member Christiane Maher pointed out that the proposal was “against the original planning condition that the shack was to be dismantled every year” and which made clear that the shack was “not a permanent element of the harbour”.

A member of the public who attended the meeting added that the principle of making it a permanent feature was “not in the character of the harbour” and said it did not suit its history.

Community councillor Bill Macnair said that those at the town’s harbour trust association did not have a problem with the plans and he was “quite happy for it to be all year round”.

He added: “The public, in general, like it being there. It’s actually become a tourist attraction in its own right.”

Community council members backed the application.