A MUSSELBURGH woman frightened a vulnerable pensioner by turning up at her home in the town and attempting to gain entry.

Gemma Henderson arrived at the woman’s home during darkness with her face covered and tried to gain access on various occasions last December.

Henderson, of Moir Avenue, also told the woman she had previously been invited to the property by the pensioner in her bid to gain entry to the home.

The 35-year-old was also caught at two premises at the town’s Brunton Court with the inference she was there to commit a theft.

Henderson had previously admitted three offences during an appearance at Edinburgh Sheriff Court and she returned for sentencing last week.

Sheriff Alistair Noble had deferred sentence for the preparation of reports and, following his deliberation, the sheriff decided to place Henderson on a drug treatment and testing order.

The sheriff said Henderson would be tested for illicit substances four times per month and the drug order would run for six months.

A review will be held in six weeks.

Henderson admitted attending at the pensioner’s New Street home during the hours of darkness and while wearing a hood, leaning into the front doorway of the property claiming she had been invited there, and repeatedly attempting to gain entry to the home.

She also turned up at the woman’s home on a separate occasion while having her face covered with a scarf.

Henderson also pleaded guilty to approaching the woman while she was crossing the town’s Electric Bridge and asking her if she needed help carrying shopping bags, and refusing to move away after being told no, all between December 10 and 15 last year.

The offender also admitted to being at two houses at Brunton Court, Musselburgh, with the intention of committing theft on December 13 last year.