A LIFEBOAT crew rescued a windsurfer at Gullane Bay after his mast snapped during Storm Dennis on Sunday afternoon.

A phone call was made by a member of the public shortly before 2pm.

The windsurfer thankfully emerged uninjured.

The man, thought to be in his 30s, saw his mast break and he was in the water drifting offshore in strong winds that reached over 45 miles per hour.

He was rescued by North Berwick RNLI; North Berwick and Fisherrow Coastguard teams were also in attendance on the shore at Gullane Bay.

The coastguard along with the individual who made the call found the location of the man and directed the lifeboat crew to him.

North Berwick’s RNLI and coastguard praised the man for being well equipped, prepared for the conditions and “in suitable attire”, having a lifejacket on, a mobile phone in his pocket and personal location beacon on him.

The man was also wearing a thick wetsuit with a hood and gloves.

Rhona Meikle, volunteer lifeboat press officer, added: “He had gone out to enjoy the conditions and was extremely unlucky that his mast broke.

“He had contacted his shore cover and let them know he was in difficulty, then activated his location beacon.”

The man was then located, retrieved from the water and brought back to safety on the shore at North Berwick in a “swift and safe rescue”.

North Berwick Coastguard went back to the town to meet with the man and the lifeboat crew; no medical assistance was required.

Fisherrow Coastguard carried out a search to find some of the person’s equipment.

Rhona said: “The lifeboat crew have incredible faith in their training, experience and equipment; this was all used on Sunday in the conditions of Storm Dennis.

“We would encourage all water users to wear lifejackets and have at least one way of contacting help. If they can have someone watching from the shore even better.”

A spokesman from North Berwick Coastguard added: “A successful outcome with thanks to the first informant for making a speedy call on 999 to the coastguard.

“Remember, if you see someone or something you are concerned about on the shoreline, cliffs, mud or water, call 999 immediately and ask for the coastguard. If in doubt, call.”